AlphaSSL activates the essential “HTTP SSL secure” padlock in all popular browsers and on mobiles/tablets, this tells your visitors they have a secure connection from their browser to your server. Using SSL means ecommerce transactions and customer’s data remain encrypted, increasing the confidence in the security of your website.

AlphaSSL’s cheap SSL Certificates are ideal for entry-level web sites. AlphaSSL Certificates are very low cost, about as cheap as you can get for Certificates issued from a strong 2048 bit root and capable of 256 bit encryption. Once purchased, due to their quick automation process, I can quickly install the SSL certificate on to your web hosting and set-up a free dedicated IP address without any hassle.  

  • Activates Browser Padlock
  • 1 Year Validity Period
  • 5 Minutes Issuance Speed
  • Secured by GlobalSign Site Seal
  • Secures both www and non-www
  • Support Subject Alternative names (SANs)
  • Strong SGC Security
  • 128 to 256 bit Encryption Strength
  • Unlimited Number of Server Licenses
  • Unlimited Reissuances / Replacements
  • Underwritten Waranty of USD $ 1,000
  • All Browser Support
  • Mobile Device Support
  • Free Installation Healthcheck

Please note: In addition to these cheap SSL Certificates I can arrange Wildcard SSL’s, organisation SSL’s and extended validation SSL’s are also available upon request, please contact me for further details. The cost of SSL certificates can vary and there plenty of options available from our trusted providers.