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Reach out with tangible media?

With my DVD/USB Direct mailer design services

Reaching out via a creative direct mailer campaign or event hand-out, so many businesses want their potential customers to walk away with an easy to use, follow-up pop-in DVD disc or USB stick. First contact can vary, but it can be more effective to complete the introduction, plant the seed and let the customer walk away with a DVD or USB flash drive, with which they can review your service in their own time.

Even though you can offer your pitch on-line, it isn’t tangible and does not always work as a follow up business card or as physical real-world reminder.

Interface Design & Development

I can design and develop promotional DVD’s, micro DVD’s and USB flash drive solutions for your needs. There are so many possibilities, whether it’s a:

  • A video show reel
  • A fully interactive interface highlighting your brand, product or message
  • Educational tools
  • Training materials

I can help design and develop the solution, plus it is also common place to brand each media drive or disc with your logo and contact details.

Tangible DVD and USB Media

Tangible walk-away media, can easily act as a post event follow-up or reminder to encourage potential customers to re-connect to your on-line campaigns as a point of call to interact with them.

Memorable handouts for your trade shows

Budget dependant, there are plenty of options suit either end of the scale for businesses big or small. On the top end, there are fully interactive interfaces, games and 3D interactivity. On the bottom end we could focus on promotional videos, with a follow up call to action.

How about mobile apps?

Yes you could provide a QR code URL to download a mobile app, but will it result it your customer actually installing it? With a USB drive or a DVD it is both a physical reminder, plus once used, it will most likely be formatted (USB) and re-used. Each time this happens there is a strong likelihood your logo and contact details will be noticed and act as a constant reminder of your brand.

  • 247 Television logo
  • Capita logo
  • Sky Media logo
Contact me if you are interested in my USB and DVD promotional direct mailer services, to discuss your project further