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Well there you go, sometime’s discounts (or coupon codes) come to you! The other day I decided to leave a 5 star review for my Web hosting company on both their Google plus and Facebook pages. One day later they contacted me with a promotional discount code for 15% OFF any shared hosting plan!

Web hosting companies love customer reviews

I never set out with this intent in mind at first, I had set out to leave a couple of reviews for the old karma that if you shall give, you shall receive! As digital-zest is always looking for fantastic customer testimonials and reviews, being that all of my business is word of mouth, this was me being proactive! Also being they are a trusted supplier providing my clients with web hosting solutions, I am proud to promote them.

After leaving my honest reviews for WebHostingUK on their social media pages, I felt I would promote myself a little with some activity on Digital-Zest’s social media pages by citing WebHostingUK and promoting them little further (being relevant). Obviously they have an active social media team, as both my comments (on both g+ and FB) were picked up in their field of view quickly.

With a little added ‘social self promotion’

In addition to using a couple of web hosting related hashtags #webhosting and #hosting for that added attention, it certainly helped to reference their respective social media pages with the account tagging/citations +Webhosting.uk.com and @Web Hosting UK in my comments.

Obviously bringing it to their teams attention, it did not take long for them to make contact with a thank you email and the 15% coupon code.

Okay, stop gassing and give us the Web Hosting UK coupon code

Ok okay, I just thought it was of interest that this mutual promotion has added social media benefits for both businesses, plus it’s certainly a bonus for anyone looking for an affordable web hosting plan for any small business, that would like to shave off some of their annual costs or if you’re setting up a new website.


Coupon code applicable on Shared hosting plans

Claim yours at Web Hosting UK
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