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Today I was working away on setting up a customer’s WordPress Multisite with one primary site and multiple sub-sites for different regions (potentially over 100 regional WordPress sites). The thought of setting each one up individually both worried me and my client, due to the amount of time and the costs required to get them all up and running.

Not part of the WordPress multisite core

I was a little surprised it was not part of the WordPress 4.1 Core, as this functionality is almost essential to a multi-site network. Never fear, where there is a need, there is a rock solid WordPress community, developing a wide range of extremely useful plugins to fulfil our need.

Feeling confident that there would be a solution, I hopped onto wordpress.org and started hunting for the ideal solution.

MultiSite Clone Duplicator was the ideal solution

There are many useful WordPress Multisite plugins available, but I found a couple of suitable options, read the reviews and scanned the FAQs until I narrowed down the selection to our winner, MultiSite Clone Duplicator by GLOBALIS media systems.

Here are a few of the plugins free features:

  • Clones any site of your wordpress multisite installation
  • Copies all posts and settings
  • Generates log files (if option is checked)
  • Copy all files from duplicated site (if option is checked)
  • Keep users and roles from duplicated site (if option is checked)
  • Configure which site is clonable (so you can define an unique “pattern” site)
  • Fully hookable
Multisite cloning made easy peasy

From my tests, I can say that it both works like a dream and has the potential to save a great deal of time having to manually setting up each sub-site. So long as I remember to set-up my master template site to the clients requirements and update it when necessary, I can continue to clone it quickly for each new sub-site.

My client is pleased that we have cutback on production time, maximised efficiency and made life easier for each party.

If you interested in taking this plugin for a spin, checkout their awesome plugin on the WordPress.org repository:

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