Who am I ?

Hello, my name is Piers Caswell. Since graduating from university in '99 I have been designing and developing a wide range of digital media projects over the last 17 years. Over my career i have been fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with many well known international brands.

It is through these experiences and the corporate exposure, that has taught me how to sharpen each of my tools to a razor fine edge, so that I approach each project with utmost attention to each & every pixel. Ensuring that I produce and deliver the very best solution to each and every client.

What’s it all about?

In a quick simplified visual form, these bar graphs are designed to illustrate the disciplines and platforms covered by digital-zest.

Skills on the left

The skills and talents on the left hand side reflect my personal skill set. However, when I undertake larger projects with more complex requirements I work with a couple of trusted back-end developers depending on the project scope.

Platforms on the right

On the right hand side I have loosely outlined the primary on-line/offline platforms that most of my projects encompass, though this is not a definitive list. Furthermore the bar charts reflect the activity of work, not competency in each platform.

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CSS 3 logo
HTML 4 logo
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What are your specialities?

In the past I would have said that I’m a hybrid of one part creative and one part developer, with a twist lemon and give it a little shake. Though today, with so many web designers now having programming in their armoury too, it is not as unusual as it once was.

My Ying and Yang was a combination of childhood influences from each of my parents.

  1. Fathers influence was Technological: I grew up with computer parts sprawled around the house, with several working systems in which to play on. Many of which I would take apart and put back together.
  2. Mothers influence was creative: Spent years being very creative, trying my hand at many artistic disciplines. Trying to appreciate the beauty in life and having a go at re-creating it. (not always successful)

Which left me bridging the gap earlier in my career, though these days I would generally focus on front end UI’s with a little back end development work when necessary. Though I must confess, when necessary I will outsource some of it to some of my colleagues partner businesses.

Are you experienced?

Indeed that is the question and my answer would be “Yes I should hope so, especially with over 14 years under my belt”. All the light hearted commentary aside, if you would like a little more detail, please visit my linked in profile for employment history, alternatively please view my digital portfolio here or customer testimonials here.

Otherwise here is a quick overview:

  • Left university in ’99
  • Worked for ISV Group developing interactive training tools for several of the UK’s biggest call centres and recruitment agencies.
  • Worked for RCA (Richardson Carpenter Advertising) designing and developing websites, promotional materials (online assets), CD/DVD Direct Mailers. Primarily B2B Corporations.
  • Started Digital-Zest as a freelancer, working with a few media agencies.
  • Worked for I-Motus (formerly Kasumi Design & Communication) as a consultant, where we specialised in corporate DVD promotional and training materials for Compaq, Fujitsu, to name a few. (oops)
  • Worked for Matinee Sound & Vision and within a year headed up their multimedia department. We focused on both on-line and offline digital media. Primarily FTSE 100 B2B Corporations.
  • Set-up a limited company and took digital-zest full time ever since.

Of course I’m qualified…

These days it’s experience employers and clients are interested in, rarely do they ever want to know each and every grade you attained. At the end of the day they want to know, can you do the job (well) and can you hit the floor running (preferably not into a wall).

Of course your portfolio is important, but being able to pick up the ball and run (in the right direction) is essential. However, for those that like a little background…

  • Left secondary school with GCSE’s and a few A-Levels.
    Ok ok, I admit my grades were average.
  • BTEC National Diploma in foundation studies, with focus in graphic design.
    A crash course in creativity, ideas and understanding form. It had similarities to boot camp at the army, they break you down (sometimes in tears) and build you backup much stronger.
  • BA Hons in Electronic Graphic design in Southampton.
    Pretty much the first course of its kind, we were basically guinea pigs at the time of the internet boom.

I will confess that I was never A**** student, but that’s certainly not what its all about.

No cookie cutter mould here I’m afraid. If I don’t know how to do something, I sit down and learn! Generally this achieved through taking a ‘thing’ apart, work out how it works and re-assemble. Each skill I have developed since leaving the education system, has been developed in this manner.

What makes you tick?

Well plenty of things these days and I could talk about my passion for creativity, art and how technology is simplifying our lives arguably for the better. But if I were to reflect on just a tiny glimmer on what makes me tick, I would have to say that I love to learn. With each and every client, I obtain fascinating insights in to how their business operates, how each industry sector works, what do they need and how can I provide a solution.

I always love a challenge, something that encourages me to continually evolve and adapt to each and every situation.  If could summarise my approach in a simple quote it would be:

I know, that I know nothing. Socrates

Where it is vital to keep an open mind, listen to all and follow none.

Ok, if you must know…

I love gardening, rambling, exploring, archery, clay pigeon shooting, astrology and sci-fi/fantasy! A weird mix indeed. Ooops I forgot the creative stuff, photography, sketching and art.

Location location location…

Well, honestly I don’t think it matters these days like it once did, the “tinter-web” makes the world a much smaller place. Generally I work remotely from my office, but if required I will happily work on site (though I will charge a little more).

I live in Reading, just 34 Miles West of London, along the M4 corridor. Which has its advantages for attending meetings in and around the south, but if you are located further a field I can hop on a plane/train or even a video call.