Special invitation to the AdWeek Game of Thrones Gala
Piers as the Mad King in his throne

Special invitation to the AdWeek Game of Thrones Gala

Since finishing their new website, I have been working with the marketing team at Sky Media, creating digital invitations, microsites and RSVP forms for the upcoming VIP event, but did not expect an invite to the AdWeek and Sky Media Game of Thrones opening Gala on the 18th April at Southwark Cathedral.

Dreamweaver CS6 loading screen

Dreamweaver CS6 on Win10 crashes when you edit a file

I’ve been running Windows 10 for three weeks and Dreamweaver had been functioning fine up until now, but this morning it had different ideas. Each time I tried to amend any (or create a new) web document (.css .html .php or .js) it would crash instantly with a useless “there was a problem” error message.

Product blocks with matching heights

Setting your product blocks to equal heights in each row

Recently I was working on a clients website, applying a new responsive template with a fresh new look. I was trying to make sure all the products on a category page within their Magento store would nicely line up vertically with equal heights within each row, without any stray CSS floaters on each category page.

I was looking for a CSS solution to my problem, it turned out that we needed a Javascript solution in the form of a jQuery plugin.

Slide photos featuring fishpig and magento logos

Going responsive and adding a CSS Class to wrap FishPig’s iBanner at the XML Block level

For years, I have been using Fishpig’s free iBanner extension to display image carousel’s on my customers Magento eCommerce stores. It is one of the best extensions to quickly allow non-tech-savvy users to add their own slides quickly and easily without any coding knowledge.

But I wanted to make it responsive and add my own CSS wrapper without editing any source code…

PayPal IPN communication issues with Magento

PayPal IPN issues with upgrading Magento 1.6 to

My heart sunk, when a couple of days later my client contacted me asking about their order statuses not being updated and that they received this unusual email from PayPal. With the subject: PayPal Instant Payment Notification Warning

After searching all the error logs, there was nothing to find! Nothing relating to PayPal IPN, any Curl communication errors. No 503’s, 500’s Nothing!

Magento performance with Tortoise & The Rabbit

Is your Magento site running slow like an old tortoise?

Good old Magento web-stores, they’re a fantastic eCommerce platform for selling on-line, packed full of free features and functionality. However, it can get bogged down and begin to limp as it scales, especially if you do not make a few tweaks here and there!

Web hosting UK 15% off coupon code

Exclusive 15% off your UK Web hosting costs throughout March

Well there you go, sometime’s discounts (or coupon codes) come to you! The other day I decided to leave a 5 star review for my Web hosting company on both their Google plus and Facebook pages. One day later they contacted me with a promotional discount code for 15% OFF any shared hosting plan!

wordpress multisite clone duplicator

Making life easier cloning sites with WordPress Multisite

When faced with potentially 100’s of micro-sites, you can save time, by quickly cloning each of the sub-sites for different regions in WordPress Multisite.

Why content goes Viral – Analyzing 100 Million articles

I came across this fascinating post today on okdork.com, originally shared from BuzzSumo. The article discusses the findings of their research and social share counts from a whopping 100 million articles over an eight month period.

New blog – First post! Hello world

Well ok, it is the first official blog post for this new website! But unfortunately there is nothing exciting for me to say, being that i am pre-occupied trying to finish off parts of this website and ensuring everything is working. Though this lovely picture of Dahlia was grown in our garden by my lovely wife, that I thought I would share.