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Connect socially with your customers?

With my social media business design services

In today’s world of interconnectivity, social media is essential if you wish to interact with your customers on-line, especially if you want them to share their wonderful experiences and influence their circles.

Make the most of your social media profiles through maximum design customisation and integration to both re-enforce your brand values, reach a wider audience and to make sure you’re delivering the right message.

Making the most of your social media profile

If you’re looking for a service to help setup your social media page or if you need help tailoring that profile to compliment your brand or an advertising campaign, or maybe you would like help with:

  • Branding materials, custom headers or backgrounds
  • Branded social feeds
  • Profile set-up/configuration
  • Website integration, open graph tags, twitter cards
  • Custom Sharing tools that look a little different
  • Bespoke social media icons

I can help with the visual cohesion with my bespoke design services to customise your social media page and your feeds to compliment your brand and website design.

Integrate your social media feeds

Alternatively you may be looking to integrate your social media feeds into your website with a bespoke branded module more in line with your websites look and feel. These are all services in which I can help seamlessly integrate your syndicated social feed into your site.

Any social media business profile can be customised

I have worked on many different social media news platforms beyond the big three. If you would like any customisations or help with any social media platforms that I haven’t mentioned, still drop me a line to discuss your requirements. After all they are all relatively similar in terms producing assets or configurations and I will happily spend my personal time, with my caffeine drip feed learning the ropes.

Here are just a few of the platforms I have experience with:

Twitter Social media icon
Google Plus social icon
Facebook icon
LinkedIn icon
Pinterest icon
YouTube Social media icon
Instagram icon
Flickr icon
Digg icon
Tumblr icon
Amazon icon
PayPal icon

and there are many more social media platforms or shop fronts I can customise for you…

Whether you want to do-it-yourself or outsource

If you want to keep you costs down and would like a little help and advice using the standard set-ups or if you would like to outsource your own bespoke branded versions. Whilst I don’t manage your social profiles, I will happily provide the service you require no matter how big or small. I would rather be flexible and help you achieve your goals, than simply give you a zip full of images/code and say “there you go, good luck”.

It’s in my business interest that you succeed with your social media business pages/profiles, to establish a long and mutually beneficial business relationship.

6 step process to beautiful social media profiles & sharing tools

Following these 6 steps, we can work together to produce beautiful social media assets fit for your business needs. In principal the same procedures apply for any project I undertake, with sleight variations depending on the project specification.

I would rather keep it straight forward and simple for all parties throughout the process, then to add unnecessary complexity and uncertainty.

icon 1 - give me call
icon 2 - checklist
Step 3 social media design
Step 4 Produce and deploy
Step 5 Testing and Review
icon 6 - Sign off
Contact me if you are interested in my social media business page services if you wish to discuss your project