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What would you like to achieve?

With my web development services

Whether you are looking to improve your websites functionality through new features, fix existing problems or you would like to develop an iPhone/Andriod app for your business, I can help.

If you have a beautifully designed site and people are looking at it, what action do you want them to take? Will that action work as expected and will it increase the likelihood of maximising each conversion for a healthy ROI.

Web development that works

If I am to succeed, then I need you to succeed and we can only achieve these goals if we are clear on the websites/apps purpose and processes. So it is vital that the solutions I offer do exactly what they say on the tin and work as expected.

Whatever your development platform

Whether that’s a bespoke system or we use an open source solution, such as WordPress, Magento, Drupal or Joomla. Unless specifically requested, I will suggest the most appropriate solution to meet both your brief and your budget. The end result, is that I will deliver to you a fully functional professional solution.

I Generally work with these platforms

For the most part I work on these web development platforms/frameworks, but it varies per project basis and depending on my clients requirements. If there is a technology or language requested that I may not be experienced in, then I call upon my existing partnerships with programmers that specialise in each of these disciplines, I can extend my offering beyond my skill set to suit your requirements.

Development activityBespoke sites
Simple HTML sites
Mobile Apps
Software frameworks & languages


I spend a lot of time development time working this extremely flexible web platform. It’s appeal is that it’s free to use, highly customisable and offers thousands of plugins to extends its functionality to:

  • eCommerce websites
  • Forums
  • Ebay style auctions
  • Football pools
  • And much more…

Many customers want to be able to control their content through this impressive CMS platform, as well as an entry point into the affordable sectors above.


I have developed several websites working with Magento Commerce, it offers an extremely powerful and scalable eCommerce solution for merchants with large catalogues and more sophisticated requirements.

There is the free Community Edition (CE) and the paid for Enterprise Edition (EE) with more advanced features and functionality. If you opted for the Community Edition, the platform is highly customisable and has access to a vast range of extensions both free and paid for, to extend its functionality in-line with the potential of the Enterprise solution.

If you’re look for E-Commerce web development services, then Magento is my first platform of choice.

Drupal and Joomla

While I don’t use these platforms anywhere near as much the previous two, they are both powerful CMS platforms that offer open source frameworks capable for extensive custom modifications, installable plugins and extensions that offer similar functionality to both Magento and WordPress.

If you have a requirement in either of these platforms, I will be happy to discuss your requirements.

Bespoke solutions

I also offer completely custom and bespoke development solutions from the ground up in:

  • Microsoft ASP/ASP.NET – SQL Server/ODBC
  • PHP – MySql
  • JavaScript/jQuery/MooTools
  • Mobile Apps – iPad/iPhone/Android

If you would like to work with me but feel I do not offer the language or platform you seek, please contact me to talk through your needs. I am sure I will be able to help, if not I will be able to point you in the right direction.

Typical web development project workflow
Post it note web development diagram

Generally I work in key stages that apply to both website design and development, from:

  • Initial brief
  • Meeting/Project planning
  • Feedback/Approval
  • Build/development
  • Feedback/review
  • Final changes
  • Deployment

For more details about the these stages, please see the stages on the website design page. These outline each the key steps and stages to my project workflow, alternatively if you are looking for our terms of business.

Contact me if you are interested in my web development UK services and wish to discuss your project