Magento performance with Tortoise & The Rabbit

Good old Magento web-stores, they’re a fantastic eCommerce platform for selling on-line, packed full of free features and functionality. However, it can get bogged down and begin to limp as it scales, especially if you do not make a few tweaks here and there!

There’re is already plenty of on-line performance resources available

With so many developer blogs, guides and how-to’s available to show you to improve performance at various different technical levels you need to start somewhere. Whether it’s tweaking the administration settings, installing an extension, altering the .htaccess/php.ini files or even MySQL resource allocation improvements.

There are numerous tricks available to speed up your on-line store, so it’s raring like a pack of Rhosgobel rabbits  (Hobbit reference for racing rabbits).

Webhosting UK have put together a handful of tips to speed up your store

In one of my social media feeds, I came across a Magento performance post from one of my web hosting providers and thought it was worth re-posting.

Some of the performance boosts include some changes to:

Editing your .HTACCESS

  • Enable GZIP Compression .htaccess
  • Use Expires Header

Tweaks in Magento Admin

  • Enabling flat catalogue in Magento admin
  • Merging JS and CSS files
  • Enabling Magento caching
  • Enabling the Magento Compiler

General housekeeping

  • Delete unwanted files/extension data
  • Optimise your images

Anyway, enough gassing from me! Why not check out their full post “Is your Magento Site Getting Slow – Well Here’s a Solution For It

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